Palo Alto Networks and CyberX Integration: Accelerating the Time Between ICS/SCADA Threat Detection and Prevention

  • Tuesday, 18 Dec 2018 1:00PM EST (18 Dec 2018 18:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Daniel Shugrue, Dharminder Debisarun

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) is unlocking new levels of productivity, helping organizations improve safety, increase output, and maximize revenue. At the same time, digitalization is driving deployment of billions of IIoT devices and increased connectivity between IT and Operational Technology (OT) networks, increasing the attack surface and risk of cyberattacks on industrial control systems.

This webinar will discuss how to secure ICS and SCADA environments using the Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform and CyberX's purpose-built ICS cybersecurity platform.


  • Overview of ICS/SCADA security basics
  • State of ICS Security: 'Findings of the CyberX \Global ICS & IIoT Risk Report"
  • How Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall and advanced endpoint protection technologies can be used to segment ICS networks, control ICS protocols, and block network threats as well as unknown threats on ICS hosts such as HMIs, engineering workstations, and automation servers.
  • How CyberX's out-of-the-box, API-level integration with Palo Alto Networks provides automated asset tagging, granular asset-based policies, and real-time response to ICS-specific threats. We'll also learn how CyberX's automated ICS threat modeling can be used to prioritize and simulate mitigation of attack vectors on the organization's 'crown jewel ' OT assets and processes.

About CyberX:

CyberX delivers the only industrial cybersecurity platform built by blue-team cyber-experts with a proven track record defending critical national infrastructure. That difference is the foundation for the most widely-deployed platform for continuously reducing ICS risk and preventing costly production outages, safety failures, and environmental incidents.

Notable CyberX customers include 2 of the top 5 US energy providers; a top 5 global pharmaceutical company; and national electric and gas utilities across Europe and Asia-Pacific. Strategic partners include industry leaders such as Palo Alto Networks, IBM Security, Splunk, Optiv Security, DXC Technologies, and Deutsche-Telekom/T-Systems. For more information visit or follow @CyberX_Labs.