Not sure that you need OT Cybersecurity? A Sentryo Assessment can quickly provide the data and guidance that you need.

  • Monday, 13 May 2019 3:30PM EDT (13 May 2019 19:30 UTC)
  • Speakers: Tim Conway, Fayce Daira, Bob Foley, Michael Thompson

The messages that you are hearing in the industry, from vendors, pundits, governments and others, is that your industrial environment is at risk and under attack and you better do something about it. But what? Where should you start? You don't know what you don''t know. You suspect that your industrial environment is exposed and vulnerable but how can you be sure? How do you gain visibility and insights into your OT networks security risk posture? If the first step is understanding all of your assets and communications, how do you start? How many devices do you have on your industrial network? What talks to what? What talks to the outside world? Do you have vulnerabilities and weak spots? Is all of your firmware up to date?

Sentryo is now working with our world-class partners to offer a unique Risk Assessment Service that provides the executives, managers, security analysts, automation engineers, compliance managers and all other IT, OT and management stakeholders in an organization clear analysis and insights about their cyber security posture highlighting the potential vulnerabilities and/or threats that require attention. This Sentryo Assessment Service will quickly and easily provide a unique and comprehensive analysis of your industrial environment, network behavior, asset inventory and risk posture that covers all aspects of risk assessment and delivers a comprehensive and fully detailed view of the network and assets, helping you to mitigate threats, reduce risk and have a blueprint for moving forward with a plan.

The Assessment Report is delivered at the end of the Assessment and it also contains an overview of the main findings and the top assets at risk, designed for managerial consideration and quick decision-making. This section highlights critical facts and guides the user to focus precious time and resources on the most impactful and urgent things that require top priority handling.

Key Benefits of the Sentryo Assessment Service:

  • Quick, Low Cost, Fully Passive assessment with options for offline only. Start to finish in days, not months.
  • Comprehensive Assessment Report delivered at the conclusion of the Assessment process.
  • Analysis of the ICS network with zero impact on the OT network
  • Includes a fully automated asset inventory with comprehensive details for each asset and a logical map of devices and connections including a view of communication flows and variable access done by each asset.
  • Provides a detailed network posture as well as an overall network hygiene score calculated based on device security levels along with additional vulnerabilities, misconfiguration issues and other threats.
  • Provides clear analysis and insights about the cyber security posture and highlights potential vulnerabilities and threats that require attention.
  • The Assessment Report identifies and alerts on vulnerabilities to industrial network controllers, based on known CVE vulnerabilities. Exact matching of vulnerabilities to controllers is done based on absolute knowledge of models and firmware versions for controllers.


  • Challenges facing the OT world today as organizations try to understand their risk profile in order to establish a plan to move forward.
  • Introduction and review of the Sentryo Assessment Service
  • Sentryo partner, AWC, one of the world's largest Siemens partners with more than 50 years' experience serving the industry through 26 offices across the United States, describes how this tool provides value to their clients including a presentation of a sample Assessment Report.