Opening a can of Active Defense and Cyber Deception to confuse and frustrate attackers

  • Monday, 05 Dec 2016 3:00PM EST (05 Dec 2016 20:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Ed Skoudis, John Strand, Chris Pizor

You're convinced that something just isn't right in your environment and are tired of hearing that there haven't been any A/V, IDS, IPS, or firewall alerts. It's time to smash the easy button and take a more proactive stance to security. To do this, you decide to employ Active Defense and Cyber Deception techniques to get better visibility. Join us as we discuss some practical approaches for deploying these techniques and the OPSEC considerations associated. We will talk about how we can increase the visibility of attacker actions in the lower levels of our network. Lastly, we will discuss Honeypot OPSEC and some common pitfalls you need to avoid, and some easy changes that can be made to improve their likelihood of success in identifying attacker activity. It's time to take back your house!