Network detection & response with open source tools

  • Tuesday, 13 Apr 2021 10:30AM EDT (13 Apr 2021 14:30 UTC)
  • Speaker: John Gamble

Network detection and response (NDR) platforms built on open source technologies like Zeek and Suricata offer SOCs greater flexibility and choice compared to closed platforms. Moreover, an open NDR platform can act as a security team force multiplier via the power of their global communities, such as the ability to accelerate responses to zero-day exploits via community-driven detection engineering.

This technical webcast will review popular open source technologies used in NDR platforms, discuss use cases and benefits unique to these tools, and conclude with a brief overview of Corelight's open NDR platform, highlighting Corelight features that have enhanced and extended the amazing capabilities of these open source technologies.

Register for this webcast to hear from John Gamble, Director of Product Marketing at Corelight to learn about the fundamentals of open source NDR technologies and the unique benefits to this approach to monitoring and defending your network.