NetMRI: Using Network Automation for Visibility and Security

  • Tuesday, 11 Dec 2018 1:00PM EST (11 Dec 2018 18:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: Dave Signori

Visibility is the foundation of Network Security Operations because you can't secure what you don't know about. But visibiity doesn't end with simple network discovery. See how NetMRI not only provides you with discovered infrastructure devices, servers and clients in your wired, wireless and SDN network, and models the network by objects such as TCP services, subnets, VLANS, and VRFs, it also uses automation to check individual settings on devices for security audit and correction. Discovery can be viewed in a custom topology map or fed into IPAM or a CMDB and can trigger remediations if rogue objects are found. Further automation comes in the form of feeds from device vendor websites that enable automating PSIRT/vulnerability and lifecycle (i.e. EOL) event checks against the discovered infrastructure.

The webinar will demonstrate how to automate infrastructure protection to shorten or eliminate the time between vulnerability announcement and closure while reducing manual, error-prone processes.