Meeting the Critical Security Controls Using OSSEC

  • Thursday, 20 Sep 2018 3:30PM EST (20 Sep 2018 19:30 UTC)
  • Speakers: John Pescatore, Michael Shinn, Scott Shinn

It is estimated that the number of enterprises using the OSSEC Open Source host-based IDS software will reach 12,000 organizations by the end of 2018. 'Why? 'Because it's a powerful engine for the collection and analysis of system events and data and it's free. 'OSSEC is one of the popular applications used to feed the SANS Internet Storm Center.

SANS has also long been a supporter of the Critical Security Controls, and Version 7 was recently released by the Center for Internet Security.'the first 6 controls are now known as the 'Basic CIS Controls ' and by implementing just those 6 controls organizations can prevent the majority of attacks. OSSEC on its own is limited in its ability to meet compliance and security controls but Atomic Enterprise OSSEC has added value that can make the difference in using open source software to meet enterprise security needs.

This webinar will feature John Pescatore of SANS providing an update on the latest advances in the adoption and use of CIS Critical Security Controls. Atomicorp CTO, Scott Shinn and Atomicorp CEO, Michael Shinn will then provide a live demonstration Atomic Enterprise OSSEC (AEO) specifically built to extend the power and ease of use of OSSEC. They will show how AEO can help organizations deliver the CIS Critical Controls, as well as other compliance requirements such as PCI-DSS, NIST and HIPAA.