Malicious or Negligent? How to Understand User Intent to Stop Data Exfiltration

  • Tuesday, 22 Jan 2019 1:00PM EST (22 Jan 2019 18:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: John Pescatore, Brad Green

Half of data breaches have a substantial insider threat component, according to a 2018 McKinsey report. Interestingly, negligent and accidental incidents are far more common than malicious insider threats. However, malicious incidents are the most costly threat faced by organizations. Because of these differences in types of threats and outcomes, security teams must be able to accurately decode the intent behind user actions.

In this talk, we will explain how to better protect your organization by differentiating between types of insider threats. We will show you how to detect and respond appropriately to both accidental and intentional insider threats, right in the ObserveIT platform. You'll learn how to decrease your risk of data exfiltration while building a stronger workplace culture around security.