LogicHub Security Automation (SOAR+) Capabilities Review

Addressing the challenges of overburdened security operations with limited staff and resources, combined with an exponential increase in threats and alerts, demands a new approach that leverages advanced automation, AI, and machine learning. Teams must develop capabilities that combine the skills of expert human analysts with the speed and scale of computer automation.

The LogicHub platform combines elements of XDR, SOAR, SIEM, MDR, and proactive threat hunting to automatically respond to adverse events or filter through the volume of network alerts to only exposed critical alerts to a human analyst. The sophisticated AI progressively learns from data as well as its human counterparts, who can encode their expertise and techniques into the program. Security teams can automate complex repetitive tasks and create threat detection playbooks to automatically triage threats or escalate them for human action with a recommended response.

Join SANS analyst Chris Crowley as he explores different features of the LogicHub platform, including integrations, protections mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework, case management, and an AI threat detection assistant.

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