Live Hacking Session - Your app is only as secure as your weakest line of code. Shall we hack it?

  • Wednesday, 25 Aug 2021 10:30AM EDT (25 Aug 2021 14:30 UTC)
  • Speaker: Liran Tal
As a developer, you try your best to build a quality product. One with no security issues - but that's no easy task! You heard about OWASP Top 10, you know what an SQL injection looks like, but you're no expert. You even tried adding some security linters to the project, and gave up on static analysis tools because they just slow you down.

We’re here to tell you - you’re not alone! We’ll show you the future of secure coding that augments your development while you code. Tune-in to learn about application security, while we live hack an application through common security pitfalls - and then remediate them with augmented security, right there in our IDE!