Keeping Private Data Private in the Public Cloud: A Data Security Toolkit

  • Wednesday, 07 Apr 2021 1:00PM EDT (07 Apr 2021 17:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: David Greene, Vishal Gupta, Dan Gaddes

If you are part of the 81% of businesses that, according to Gartner, are adopting a multicloud strategy you are living with a whole new set of data security challenges. How do you control and centrally manage cryptographic keys, secrets, and tokens to secure the public cloud deployments that are driving digital transformation? Using only the data security capabilities of a public cloud provider is like leaving a house key under the front door mat - may be fine, but not a good idea. Organizations need a layered approach that gives data the right level of security regardless of location.

In this webinar, you'll learn how to \mix and match" different data security techniques to optimize the protection of your data in the cloud:

  • Centralized Cloud Key Management across AWS, Azure, and GCP for simplicity and scalability
  • Database Encryption to protect data without impacting applications
  • Secrets Management for secure DevOps and scale-out applications
  • Client-Side Encryption to secure data before it goes to the cloud
  • "Encryption as a Service" for SaaS delivery of cloud data security