JumpStart Guide to Security Investigations and Posture Management in Amazon Web Services

  • Wednesday, 23 Oct 2019 10:30AM EDT (23 Oct 2019 14:30 UTC)
  • Speakers: David Aiken, Kyle Dickinson, Tim Jefferson

Many organizations know how to conduct a security investigation and have a basic understanding of their security posture status. However, some areas of an organization's environment that may affect its security posture or an investigation (such as misconfigurations and hidden interrelationships) can be easily overlooked.

Solutions are available to help you conduct effective investigations and improve your organization's security posture in AWS. This pre-recorded webcast provides guidance on the key considerations when choosing those solutions. Attendees at this webcast will specifically learn about:

  • Needs and capabilities associated with security investigations and posture management technologies
  • Key business, technical and operational considerations for implementation of selected tools
  • AWS-specific considerations for selection of data sources, investigation tools and posture management tools
  • Process for making an informed decision about products to integrate
  • How tools can be integrated to provide appropriate protections to an organization

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