iOS Third Party Apps Analysis: how to use the new reference guide poster

  • Tuesday, 06 Apr 2021 3:30PM EDT (06 Apr 2021 19:30 UTC)
  • Speaker: Mattia Epifani

Data Leakage, theft and privacy issues are common concerns in DFIR. Third party applications are often the culprit for these types of data breaches and unwanted access. While privacy is always a concern, in DFIR we also rely on third party application data to provide context to the clues we uncover. The new 'iOS Third Party Apps Analysis Reference Guide Poster 'provides a list of the most interesting files and folders in the 'Data ' and 'shared ' folders for the most commonly used third-party apps.'this webcast will be explaining how to leverage this poster's content to perform real investigations and research. The presenter will also show live examples on how to analyze Third Party Apps on test images.