ICS Attack Surfaces

  • Monday, 03 Mar 2014 8:00PM EST (04 Mar 2014 01:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: Dr. Eric Cole

In today's age, our Industrial Control Systems (ICS) make up themajority of most nations' critical infrastructure. And where it isn'tcritical infrastructure, ICS systems often make up the backbone of eachnation's manufacturing effort and play a critical part of each nation'swealth creation. Because of this, there are plenty of reasons formalicious actors to attack ICS systems. These attacks could be launchedby individuals or organizations for the purpose of financial gain (orruin), corporate espionage, hacktivism, or terrorist activities.

Information warfare is also of grave concern since many nations are nowactively involved in cyber espionage and preparation for cyber warfare.Our last group of people that always must be considered are thecountless numbers of individuals that like trying to attackorganizations to test themselves, enhance their education, and gainrecognition from their peers. In order to protect a system, you mustunderstand how the attack works. In this webcast, we will look at thevarious ICS attack surfaces and ways organizations can defend against them.