ICS Asset Identification: It\\'s More Than Just Security: A SANS Report

  • Thursday, 25 Jun 2020 1:00PM EDT (25 Jun 2020 17:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: Mark Bristow

You can't defend what you don't know you have! Without a solid understanding of what assets are on their ICS networks, it's impossible for OT/plant managers to develop and implement a plan to manage risk. Yet, asset identification was the top concern among 338 ICS security professionals participating in the SANS 2019 State of OT/ICS Cybersecurity Survey.

Historically, asset identification has been associated with time-consuming and costly cybersecurity efforts.'the business often views these efforts as sunk costs.

In this new SANS webcast, Mark Bristow, SANS ICS Active Defense and Incident Response certified instructor, will provide recommendations and guidance from his experience in the field covering how to:

  • Get resources needed to start an asset identification program
  • Support operations beyond cybersecurity with asset identification
  • Change the narrative about asset identification from a cost to something the business values
  • Provide ongoing asset identification maintenance with limited human resources
  • Get quick wins by leveraging information you already have to bootstrap an asset identification program

Webcast attendees will learn how to articulate to senior management and board members that asset identification is not just a security need: It can also enhance return on investment through such benefits as improved maintenance, reduced mean-time-to-repair, and increased availability.

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