ICS Active Defense Primer

  • Tuesday, 17 Apr 2018 3:30PM EDT (17 Apr 2018 19:30 UTC)
  • Speaker: Kai Thomsen

As targeted threats against ICS environments are becoming more prevalent, it has become more important than ever for organizations and companies responsible for critical infrastructure to increase their defensive posture. Kai Thomsen, DFIR lead at the premium automaker AUDI AG and ICS515 instructor, will introduce four different concepts that make up active defense in a 2-part webcast.

  • Threat Intelligence
  • Asset Identification and Network Security Monitoring
  • Incident Response
  • Threat and Environment Manipulation and how they can be applied in ICS environments.

Stay tuned for part 2, where Kai will focus on Threat Intelligence and Network Security Monitoring and how these are leveraged to get more effective in defending ICS environments.