Hunting and Farming : Concepts and Strategies to Improve Your Cyber Defenses

  • Wednesday, 24 Feb 2016 1:00PM EST (24 Feb 2016 18:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: Ben Johnson

Cyber defense is evolving. The new normal is managing more assets against more attacks with fewer staff. It's often daunting. But all is not lost. We must adapt our strategies, enhance our people and change the tide in order to have a fighting chance. This webinar will get you thinking about what your organization is doing to try to stop the bleeding and build some resiliency.

Will you be the hunter or the prey?

Join us April 12-19, 2016 in New Orleans, LA for the Threat Hunting & Incident Response Summit and Training. This event was created to provide you with the methodic preparation to cull your adversaries from your network before you become their prey.Learn to hunt down the enemy before it hunts you:

  • Master the latest techniques needed to properly identify compromised systems
  • Contain Security breaches and rapidly remediate the incidents
  • Stop adversaries from further compromising your enterprise systems