Have You Left A Door Open For Attackers? Findings from the 2022 Cortex Xpanse Attack Surface Threat Report

The Cortex® Xpanse™ research team studied the global attack surface by monitoring scans of 50 million IP addresses associated with 100+ global enterprises. For the second year in a row, RDP exposures topped the list of issues facing organizations. 

The biggest threats facing the global attack surface are not making headlines for being the hottest new exploits or brand-new vulnerabilities; they are threats in common protocols and software – simply because security is hard and mistakes happen. 

In this highly informative session, we will unveil the latest findings from our global attack surface research and spotlight our more concerning observations:

  • Over 2,500 critical building control systems (BCS) were publicly accessible in the cloud, generating issues in the Utilities  and Energy sector.

  • Over 700 login pages for several IT services were unencrypted

  • Nearly 50% of issues associated with Professional and Legal Services were due to data storage systems and unencrypted logins exposed to the public internet.

Protect yourself with knowledge. Know your unknowns, find exposures, and monitor for future mistakes to help your organization build a strong defense against attack surface threats. Join the conversation and gain a deeper understanding of the risks to your organization.

About Abhishek "Abhi" Anbazhagan, Product Marketing Manager, Cortex Xpanse, Palo Alto Networks:

Abhi is an engineer turned Product Marketing Manager who has worked across startups and Fortune 500 companies. He has worked in the blockchain, cryptocurrency, e-commerce, fintech, insurance, networking and cybersecurity industries. As a PMM he has launched several products, trained sales teams and presented to executive stakeholders. He is passionate about telling stories to make the complex simple.