Its Been A Hard Year - 2020 Security Operations Center (SOC) Survey - SANS@Mic Keynote

  • Tuesday, 15 Dec 2020 7:30PM EST (16 Dec 2020 00:30 UTC)
  • Speaker: Chris Crowley

2020 has seen major disruptions in IT and InfoSec operations status quo. Despite this, the SOC Survey ran again this year, and this talk will share the data reported and thoughts on what that means for you and your SOC team. The presenter, Christopher Crowley, is a Senior Instructor at the SANS Institute who focuses on security operations, data, and analytical methodology. '

Topics to be covered include: SOC functions / capabilities, architecture of the SOC, metrics used to report and assure performance, incident response details, barriers to success, hiring challenges, and of course demographics related to the respondents. 'We included a question about SOC analysts working from home, since that is the 2020 "th 'me de l'ann 'e."

Analysis based on the sectors and regions represented by the respondents will be presented, as will data dissection based on organizational size versus SOC capabilities.'the past three years (2017, 2018, 2019) SANS SOC Surveys will be used as a basis for trend analysis, and wherever possible we'll include the comic relief of respondents quips and quotes as they answer the questions in the survey. '

The full data set of responses (with any identifiable data removed) will be released publicly, and Christopher Crowley is coordinating with several partner organizations to do their own data analysis of the data sets. Reference will be made to these analyses.

If you haven't taken the survey yet, please do so before it closes on October 31, 2020: