Hacking Exposed Live Webcast Series

  • Wednesday, 24 Jul 2013 1:00PM EDT (24 Jul 2013 17:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: George Kurtz, Adam Meyers

Join George Kurtz, author of the best-selling security book 'Hacking Exposed, ' and his team of top technical experts for quarterly live webcasts featuring cutting-edge cyber security topics, discussions, and live demonstrations.

Visualizing data can make it easier to consume, and even illuminate previously unknown relationships that would not be readily apparent in raw data. This session will explore the power of visualizing data with the open source/commercially available tool from Paterva called Maltego. We will demonstrate the power of visualizing data, and explore the mechanisms by which you can incorporate your own data sets to rapidly produce visualizations which can be shared to peers. Additionally we will investigate frameworks which can be leveraged to share your visualization scripts to others.