The Fusion of IT and OT Security: What You Need to Know

  • Wednesday, 02 Nov 2016 1:00PM EDT (02 Nov 2016 17:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Bengt Gregory-Brown, Derek Harp, Rebecca Lawson

Convergence with IT environments has introduced new security vulnerabilities into OT networks. Because of their design, operational issues and other factors, the OT controls network environment is often a blind spot where malicious activity directed toward control systems can't be seen by traditional IT security tools and techniques.

And, a traditional IT approach to security can be risky in an OT environment, which has critical uptime, safety, and other operational requirements. But given the inevitable integration of IT and OT, what can be done to ensure visibility into networks and to protect critical infrastructure assets from attacks?

This webcast will cover what you need to know about protecting physical assets in your OT environment, including:

  • Challenges to securing OT environments
  • The nature of threats and vulnerabilities in IT vs OT environment
  • How to identify security gaps and implement compensating controls
  • How to justify the need for OT security to decision makers
  • ICS Security Recommendations

View the associated white paper here: