From Workloads to Identities: Unify your Cloud for Effective Security Risk Management

Due to its complexity, the multi-cloud environment poses a level of risk that many organizations are unprepared to address. This risk demands better tools and a new mindset for the modern security team. While point solutions ruled the market previously, they only served to compound the visibility challenges security teams face because of their siloed nature. The pace of innovation and growth in the cloud has meant that teams need to rapidly prioritize tasks and manage risk at scale. But how?

Security teams must evaluate the potential impact of a vulnerability based on both its environment, and the identities and data that could be exposed through its exploitation. While native tools and point solutions can put vulnerabilities into a workflow, they lack the context and visualizations to help you effectively prioritize each risk.

This webinar will focus on a new wave of security for the multi-cloud world, one where security teams are enabled to fully manage the prioritization of their risks with complete context and visibility. Key lessons you’ll walk away with:

  • Understand why gaining visibility is a growing challenge in multi-cloud and why you’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg today
  • Learn how understanding risk amplifiers and blast radius can help your team be more effective at risk prioritization
  • Gain a tactical understanding of how cloud security solutions like CWPP, CSPM, CIEM and DLP can work together to achieve security visibility and unify your cloud security strategy.