The Frankenstein Framework - Assembling the Pieces to Enhance ICS Security Without Creating a Monster

  • Wednesday, 27 Jan 2016 1:00PM EST (27 Jan 2016 18:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: Justin Opatny

While the quantity and breadth of ICS security-related regulations, frameworks, industry standards, and guidance continues to grow, it can be difficult to navigate which best apply and will be useful to your organization. From those under regulation to those looking to start or stay ahead of the curve, taking a hybrid approach may be your best option. This talk focuses on piecing together and re-animating your framework for an extensible and sustainable ICS security program including:

  • How to (re-)start these efforts
  • Available resources to guide your program
  • Evaluating applicability and fit
  • Finding the value in those resources
  • Methods to track and sustain

Learn more about securing industrial control systems at the upcoming ICS Security Summit in Orlando, FL on February 22 & 23, 2016.

The Summit is the premier event to attend in 2016 for ICS cybersecurity practitioners and managers. This year's summit will center on the theme "Defense is Doable" and will feature more in-depth technical talks, case studies, and hands-on challenges than ever before.

Attendees will:

  • Understand how ICS systems are being targeted
  • Learn how to safeguard ICS against the new threat matrix
  • Gather with fellow practitioners to share skills and acquire new ones
  • Explore how cyber-informed engineering mixes with cyber security for ICS success
  • Discover best practices for teaching operators cyber security awareness
  • Test and expand ICS security knowledge through exciting hands-on challenges