How to Fight the Real DDoS Threat

  • Thursday, 05 Sep 2013 12:30PM EDT (05 Sep 2013 16:30 UTC)
  • Speakers: John Pescatore, Rakesh Shah

The obvious damage caused by distributed denial of service attacks is bad enough. They include headline-grabbing, multi gigabit/second volumetric attacks that crash critical business and government systems. But even if IT operations and security professionals restore services, the DDoS malware has identified critical pathways and access to applications and their data.

Join us for a 60-minute webcast in which we'll explain how these behaviors get past service providers and network security and operations monitoring teams and pave the way for other advanced attacks. We'll also explain how to use DDoS detection tools to understand evolving threats, and how to combine DDoS alert information with the larger ecosphere of security event information management for better automation and earlier recognition of ' and defeat of ' the larger DDoS threat.

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