Evaluation Criteria for ICS Cyber Security Monitoring with Rockwell Automation and Claroty

  • Wednesday, 07 Jun 2017 3:00PM EDT (07 Jun 2017 19:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Patrick McBride, Umair Masud

As threats to the Industrial Control Systems (ICS) networks that power the world's critical infrastructure increase from cyber-criminals, nation-states and hacktivists, there is an urgent need to drive better security defenses. A corner stone of an effective security strategy in this space is the implementation of network monitoring and anomaly detection.

Rockwell Automation and Claroty will be holding this webinar to outline lessons learned from hundreds of conversations with ICS network operators, security teams, industry analysts and from Rockwell's own extensive review of network monitoring and anomaly detection solutions for ICS.

  1. We'll explore the five key lessons learned from these discussions and the core criteria needed for an effective cyber security monitoring solution in the ICS domain:Do No Harm and Require No Downtime
  2. Give Complete Visibility
  3. Provide Early Warning
  4. Detect Malicious and Accidental Threats
  5. Enable Rapid Response (Reduce Mean Time Resolution)