Emergence of a New Anti-Ransomware Technology: Moving Target Defense

Regardless of the growing investment in cybersecurity, damage from cyber attacks continues to rise at an unprecedented rate, reaching over $10T by 2025. If existing solutions are supposedly working, then why are ransomware breaches happening and inflicting so much financial devastation, brand erosion and loss of business? The problem is that today’s solutions fail to counter threat actors’ advanced attacks.

Antivirus and endpoint detection and response solutions are adequate at stopping known attacks with recognized signatures and behavioral patterns, but fail to respond to fast moving attack patterns that organizations are experiencing today. A new technology has emerged that has been proven to stop ransomware and other advanced attacks, making prevention-first security a reality: Moving Target Defense.

In this webinar, Morphisec CTO Michael Gorelik will share expert insight into:

  • Why today’s AV and EDR solutions are failing to protect organizations from sophisticated attacks;
  • An in depth look into what Moving Target Defense is and why it is so effective at stopping unknown attacks; and
  • How Moving Target Defense coupled with next gen AV solutions has been proven to be the best security stack at the lowest possible cost.