Elevators as Security Risks... What Goes Up May Let You Down

  • Tuesday, 07 Feb 2017 3:00PM EST (07 Feb 2017 20:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: Deviant Ollam

Abstract: 'Many of us are familiar with buildings that restrict access by means of locks, keys, or other physical tokens like RFID cards. 'Access control systems are common in the modern landscape... controlling entry, egress, and segmenting large buildings into zones of tailored access. 'Many of you have no doubt seen elevator systems leveraged to act as part of this type of security... with specific floors inaccessible to those who lack appropriate credentials. 'However, physical penetration testers who are subject matter experts in hoists and lifts often use elevators to bypass building security systems and gain easy access to floor that are meant to be locked-out. 'If you have the knowledge to make the system behave in unexpected ways, access to all floors can be yours... This webcast will show you how an elevator is virtually no different than a staircase as far as building security is concerned!