Do you even Purple Team? Practical Cyber Range use cases for Red and Blue

  • Tuesday, 26 Jul 2022 6:00PM CEST (26 Jul 2022 16:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: Jason Ostrom

This talk will introduce several open source Cyber Ranges created by the author with a live demo at the end of the presentation focused on the automation of offensive operations. The discussion will center around practical and effective use cases that security teams can use to advance their security programs with Purple Teaming concepts. The presentation will explore the power of "Security as Code" and "Infrastructure as Code" and how security teams can advance their programs with it. This presentation will mostly focus around the PurpleCloud open source Azure AD Cyber Range. PurpleCloud is a tool allowing a security professional to create an Azure AD penetration testing lab. Enhancements for practical use will be shared with students.