Digital Ghost: Turning the Tables on Cyber Attacks in Industrial Systems

  • Wednesday, 01 Feb 2017 1:00PM EST (01 Feb 2017 18:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Michael Assante, Robert Garry

Recent attacks on industrial systems and infrastructure have underscored the urgent need to better protect these critical assets. In parallel, organizations are learning that their data could be just as important as their physical systems. In fact, digital data from sensors and elsewhere could hold the answer to earlier prediction, detection and protection from cyber attackers.

Attendees at this webcast will learn about:

  • How attacks typically occur and the role of the ICS kill chain to detect and disrupt attacks
  • Beyond traditional network security, how sensor data can be used to detect suspicious events and drive adaptive machine response
  • How to use digital data to prevent or minimize damage to physical systems

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