DevSecOps Automation for Cloud Native Security

The pace at which organizations are hiring developers, building cloud native applications, and shipping code has accelerated to the point where traditional approaches to security can’t keep up. Engineering teams that implement DevSecOps practices and automate security tooling will discover security risks earlier, saving developers time, accelerating release cycles, and shipping more secure and compliant code.

This webinar will focus on how cybersecurity and engineering leaders can work together to encourage developers to integrate security tools and best practices into the CI/CD pipeline. Frank Kim, author of the “Cloud Security and DevSecOps Automation” SANS course, and Kiran Kamity, CEO and Founder of Deepfactor, will discuss the following topics:

  • Best practices for getting started with DevSecOps
  • Choosing the right security controls for application development in cloud native and Kubernetes environments
  • Automating security controls in the CI/CD pipeline
  • The role of compliance in DevSecOps
  • Educating developers about security using contextual feedback

Collateral Links:

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