Free Summit: Thursday, May 16 | Live Online | Summit CPE Credits: 4

Summit Co-Chairs: Frank Kim and Jerich Beason

"Summits are a great way to meet and talk to the trail blazers; the individuals who each in their own way help shine a light for the rest of the community." - Michael Decker

Learn, share, and engage with fellow cybersecurity leaders

Staying ahead in cybersecurity means leading from the front. The SANS Cybersecurity Leadership Summit is for industry leading CISOs, directors and managers looking to empower themselves with the knowledge and tools to not just participate, but to set the pace in cybersecurity leadership.

It's not just about the 'what' but the 'how' of navigating the complexities of cybersecurity leadership and management in today's threat landscape. This Summit provides invaluable insights from industry trailblazers. Learn from the leaders who have been in the trenches, who will share their strategies, and the lessons learned from those that fell short.

The Cybersecurity Leadership Summit will address a wide range of topics, including:

  • Manage and lead technical teams and security projects
  • Effective communication with the executive team and business leaders
  • Assessing threats and analyzing risk
  • Implementing successful project management of security initiatives
  • Building and leading a cloud security program
  • Aligning security initiatives with organizational culture
  • Handling positive negotiations with vendors
  • Creating a talented team that includes selecting a managed service to supplement
  • Gaining familiarity with legal and regulatory requirements

What Attendees Say

"I've managed to learn something I didn't know from nearly every session, and I've been made aware of additional tools or methodologies that will help." - Dallas Moore

"I found the content provided by the majority of speakers to be relevant, actionable, timely, and of value for myself and my team." - Patrick Sampson

Top 5 Reasons to Attend A Summit

  1. In-depth technical talks
  2. Interactive panel discussions from industry leaders
  3. Networking with they industry's top experts, and your peers tackling the same hard-to-solve problems
  4. Access to Summit recordings and presentations
  5. As an attendee, you’ll walk away from your Summit experience with a fresh perspective, a better connection with the community and new tools that you can immediately leverage in your work.

To get a taste of what you have to look forward to, check out these talks from our 2023 Summit.

Important Dates

Refund Date
April 29, 2024