Data Center Server Security: A SANS Survey

  • Monday, 26 Jan 2015 3:00PM EST (26 Jan 2015 20:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Jake Williams, Joakim Lialias, Michael Gare

Financial data, customer data, and medical data are all processed in data centers, making them primary targets for attackers. DNS, email and web servers, also rich targets for attackers, are often hosted on data center servers as well, making protecting the data center a priority. Securing data center servers from web-based attacks or attacks from other compromised internal endpoints requires a solid architecture and strong access controls and configuration management. Defending them calls for strong firewalls, IPS, and other monitoring functions that can help alert administrators or data owners to problems.

This webcast covers the results of a new SANS survey that examines how organizations manage their data center server assets from a security and compliance perspective. Results provide a snapshot of the technologies in use and the frequency of security incidents in the data center environment.

The webcast will address such key issues as:

  • How the data centers are structured, their operating systems and applications
  • What their security drivers and processes are
  • What types of traffic are being monitored and how
  • What technologies are used for patching, configuration management and incident response

Takeaways from this survey will provide strong direction for IT managers looking for ways to manage risks to their data center, improve compliance and apply proper response to real incidents while reducing false positives.

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