Cyber42 Industrial Edition Game Day

Cyber42: Industrial Edition will put you through the paces as an industrial control system (ICS) security manager as players adapt to challenges in operational technology (OT) environments. Unlike traditional IT networks, industrial equipment is designed to impact the physical world and require special considerations when deploying security technologies. As threats continue to rise targeting these networks, many of which are vital for critical infrastructure (like power, water, and energy), it is more important than ever to understand the impacts on ICS due to a cyber security event and to invest in resilience and security that promotes both reliability and safety.

Players will step into the world of Cyber42: Industrial Edition, which is being developed for the upcoming ICS418: ICS Security Essentials for Managers, and address real-world industrial cyber threats from the comfort of their own home! This Game Day will focus on balancing security program improvements that impact engineers, operations, and customers all while considering the various technical and cultural implications of an OT security program.

In this simulation, you will compete for the high score across other ICS managers facing the same dilemma: How to protect industrial equipment from shutdowns, failure, damage, or worse!

Do you have what it takes? Find out by playing the game with us!

Important Notes:

Cyber42 Game Days utilize three platforms:

  • Webcast to view presenters slides throughout the game
    • Log in to the webcast via your SANS Portal Account
  • Slack to interact with other players, leaders, and SANS Staff for support
    • Log in information and directions to be provided a week before Game Day (and at Game Day)
  • Cyber42 Web App online game
    • Directions to join will be provided at Game Day