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Cyber Security Metrics and Measuring Vulnerability

  • Tuesday, August 12, 2014 at 3:00 PM EDT (2014-08-12 19:00:00 UTC)
  • Peter Hannay, Dr. Andrew Woodward, Chandler Comerford

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The measurement of vulnerabilities is not binary. It is not a 0 (not patched) or a 1 (patched). Vulnerability analysis is the measurement of the resources required by attackers to compromise a network against the robustness of the network security infrastructure itself. Tracing attacks through the logical and physical network infrastructure and measuring the difficulty provides a determination of how easy or how hard a given attack is to conduct. Comparing the difficulty of an attack against the consequence of the attack provides the metrics to assess risk and allocate resources accordingly.

This training module will allow students to:

  • Measure the difficulty of the attack based on the current network infrastructure
  • Determine Risk

Speaker Bios

Chandler Comerford

As a director of the Vulnerability Assessment Group, Chandler is responsible for development of the group's methodologies to include: Network Infrastructure Mapping, Threat Vector Diagram Development, SCADA / Control Systems and IT Vulnerability Assessments, and Physical Security Auditing. Chandler manages the workshop facilitation process and project delivery for all VAG work conducted in the 'Critical Infrastructure' space. Chandler is regularly asked to speak at security functions and has presented at the National SCADA community of interest forums, Engineers Australia; the Australian Homeland Security Research Centre as well as the Trusted Information Sharing Network (TISN) 'Group of Eight' Critical Infrastructure Protection Forum.

Dr. Andrew Woodward

Andrew is currently an academic at Edith Cowan University and is an active researcher at the cutting edge of network security, with a particular focus on critical infrastructure protection, and advises State and Federal Governments on these issues. In conjunction with this, Andrew engages with the critical infrastructure through the SCADA community of interest, and through conducting computer and network security vulnerability assessments for power, water and gas utilities. Andrew most recently conducted penetration testing against numerous critical infrastructure providers for the Western Australian State Office of the Auditor General. Andrew has an extensive publishing record in wireless network security and digital forensics, and has presented papers in Australia, the UK and the USA with a focus on information warfare and information security management. Andrew is also the Chair of the Australian Digital Forensics conference and an editor for the Journal of Network Forensics. Andrew has consulted to government departments (State and Federal), corporations and law enforcement agencies in the areas of wireless network vulnerability assessment, computer forensics, RFID security and network penetration testing.

Peter Hannay

Peter is currently an academic at Edith Cowan University and is actively researching and teaching in the areas of network security, mobile security and digital forensics. Edith Cowan is a world leader in digital forensics, computer and network security curriculum and research. Prior to holding an academic role, Peter worked as an application security auditor for a military contractor specialising in hardware encryption devices. Peter has consulted to government agencies and corporations in the areas of hardware security assessment, software security assessment, data recovery, computer forensics and network penetration testing. Additionally Peter possesses significant profile within the security community. Peter has spoken at a number of venues including Black Hat, Defcon, AISA, ANZFSS, Engineers Australia, Kiwicon, Ruxcon and numerous others on the topics of security and forensics. Peter has also provided training on an invitation basis on topics such as embedded security & forensics, systems infiltration and exploit development.

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