Critical Security Controls Survey

  • Tuesday, 25 Jun 2013 1:00PM EDT (25 Jun 2013 17:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: John Pescatore, Ron Gula, John Bordwine, Kevin Skapinetz, Anil Nandigam, Tony Sager

The Critical Security Controls (CSC's) are rapidly being adopted by companies and government agencies in the U.S., Canada and elsewhere to increase visibility into advanced threats, to shore up defenses, and ultimately for benchmarking and to improve risk posture.

As security managers become more familiar with the CSC's, they 're raising a number of urgent questions: What types of organizations are implementing what controls, and why? How integrated are these controls with overall operations and with risk management dashboards? And what new development, staffing and tool decisions will adopters have to make to address the control areas they 're focusing on?

In answer to these questions, this webcast examines the just-released results of a six-week survey on the CSC's conducted by the SANS Institute. These and other critical issues ' including adoption drivers,how to obtain leadership buy-in, and overcoming inhibitors to adoption ' will be explored during this webcast.

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Survey Results:

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