How to Create a Scalable and Automated Edge Strategy in the AWS Cloud

  • Tuesday, 27 Oct 2020 1:00PM EDT (27 Oct 2020 17:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Dave Shackleford, Nam Le

Applications that live on the edge provide faster processing and improved user experience control. To support these benefits of edge computing, organizations should design a security environment that can automatically scale with business spikes, increasing demands, and seasonal business cycles.

In this webinar, SANS analyst Dave Shackleford and Nam Le from AWS Marketplace will explore how to redefine and approach defense at the security perimeter. They will also provide practical guidance on how you can scale and automate your security solutions at the edge through real-world use cases.

Attendees at this webcast will learn how to:

* Create a layered control approach for perimeter security in AWS '

* Implement a scalable security solution for your network's edge '

* Automate manual security processes for efficiency '

* Leverage AWS Marketplace seller solutions to fortify and protect your applications

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