Catch Me if You can - Pentesting vs APT

  • Thursday, 15 Jun 2017 11:00AM EDT (15 Jun 2017 15:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: Mor Levi

Penetration testing is still necessary for those organizations that must adhere to PCI standards. But, there's clearly a difference between a friendly pen testing consultant attempting to hack into your system and a real-life cybercriminal targeting your organization. These criminals utilize pen testing tools like Metasploit to execute various stages of a malicious operation.

So, how do the good guys and gals differ from the criminals? Mor Levi, Cybereason's Head of Detection Research team, conducted research to discover the differences and similarities between ethical pentesting techniques and the use of pen testing tools by hackers.

Join our 'webinar to learn more about Mor's research and experience real-life examples of how attackers are utilizing pentesting tools and methodologies.