A Case Study: Developing an Innovative ICS Security Program and Real-Time OT Monitoring Capability for Oil and Gas Infrastructures

  • Friday, 09 Dec 2016 3:00PM EST (09 Dec 2016 20:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Matt Morris, Patrick McBride, Greg Villano

Multiple business and technical factors are driving upstream and downstream oil and gas providers to secure the industrial control systems that are the foundation of their operations.

As one of the largest off-shore drilling contractors in the world, Diamond Offshore supports a range of very well-known operators who are frequently targeted by determined cyber adversaries. Cyber security has become a top priority for Diamond's customers and implementing a comprehensive risk management program for its offshore platforms has become fundamental enabler for its business objectives and revenue goals.

The team from Diamond Offshore responsible for building the company's innovative OT security program will discuss the business drivers and technical solution they implemented over the last year. The talk will include a discussion about the real-time anomaly detection, 24x7 security monitoring capability, and global security operations center Diamond has operationalized to protect its most valuable assets and ensure the safety of rig personnel.