Canadian Webcast Series Part 3: ICS Defense: Its Not a Copy-Paste From an IT Playbook & Importance of Intrusion Detection in a Compromised Prone World

  • Thursday, 08 Mar 2018 3:30PM EST (08 Mar 2018 20:30 UTC)
  • Speakers: Dean Parsons, Nik Alleyne

Join SANS in a series of webcasts offered by our top Canadian instructors. Topics will cover Security Management, Cloud Security, CIS 20 Critical Controls, Penetration Testing, Digital Forensics and Industrial Control Systems Security. Be sure to join SANS at one of our many Canadian training events in 2018

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Dean Parsons Presenting: ICS Defense: It's Not a "Copy-Paste" From an IT Playbook

Defending an ICS (Industrial Control System) requires additional considerations beyond the approach of traditional IT Security. Dean will touch on 5 discovered ICS targeted malware and how to get the most out of the ICS Active Cyber Defense Cycle. The ACDC is key to detecting and neutralizing the adversary while continuing to maintain the safety and reliability of ICS operations. Also discussed, are tips to smooth IT and OT convergence that promotes an effective ICS security program for reliable data acquisition and ICS incident response.

Nik Alleyne Presenting: Importance of Intrusion Detection in a Compromised Prone World

What is meant by intrusion detection in a comprise prone world? '

According to dark reading there were 4.2 billion records exposed in 2016. '

According to risk based security, for the period Jan 1, 2017 to September 30, 2017 there were over 3,833 incidents resulting in over 7 billion+ records being exposed. '

Considering the above, intrusion detection and specifically SANS SEC503: Intrusion Detection In-Depth training, makes detecting these breaches much easier.