Building Successful Awareness Programs - Key Findings and Lessons Learned from 2018 Security Awareness Report

  • Thursday, 19 Jul 2018 3:30PM EDT (19 Jul 2018 19:30 UTC)
  • Speakers: Lance Spitzner, Dan DeBeaubien

The 2018 Security Awareness Report analyzes the data submitted by 1,718 security awareness professionals from around the world to identify and benchmark how organizations are managing their human cyber security risk. Learn not only what are the top challenges awareness programs face, but how the most mature awareness programs overcome those challenges. 'Key take-aways include:

'1. How many FTEs (Full-Time Employees) you need dedicated to your program to effectively change human behavior, and ultimately create a secure culture.

2. Why time, and not budget, is the most precious resource.

3. What skills make the most effective security awareness officers.

4. Benchmark and compare how mature your awareness program is against others using the Security Awareness Maturity Model.

5. The impact leadership support has on your program, and how to maintain that support long term.