Building mental resilience as a SecOps professional

A combination of exponentially increasing cyber threats and a global pandemic have put SecOps professionals under more pressure than ever. Around 3.5m open vacancies in cybersecurity exist worldwide today, meaning more work to be done and fewer people to share the load. How do you ensure your mental wellbeing is maintained and protected during these challenging times?

Justin Vaughan-Brown, VP Product Marketing at Deep Instinct explores recent independent research and emerging trends focused on the concerns of SecOps peers. He’ll be joined by Amber Coster, founder of workplace wellness consultancy, Balpro, and no stranger to burnout who will share her personal experiences and discusses topics such as:

  • Back to basics: How does poor mental health show up?
  • Preventing crisis point: Building your mental fitness
  • How to help others
  • What to do if it all gets too much

This webinar is designed to help you navigate a complex balance of demands each day. An alternative to the usual technically themed SANS sessions, this concentrates on an important, timely and yet often overlooked subject.