Bridging the Insurance/InfoSec Gap: The SANS 2016 Cyber Insurance Survey

  • Tuesday, 21 Jun 2016 1:00PM EDT (21 Jun 2016 17:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Benjamin Wright, Barbara Filkins, Dave Bradford, Julian Waits

Information security specialists and insurance underwriters have been thrown together by corporate managers terrified by headlines about record numbers of data breaches and desperate to find financial protection should the worst happen to them. Insurers are flocking to the burgeoning market, but wondering how they can provide financial protection for customers in an environment in which they can't define how seriously they are at risk themselves.

Information security specialists see the basic protections underwriters require as prerequisites and wonder if the sophisticated, best-practices driven policies they enforce will become a reason to deny coverage later because they go beyond the limited requirements demanded by underwriters.

The gap is narrowing, but is still wide and dangerous, as you'd expect of any two groups charged with cooperating to defend an organization from attack without even being able to agree what they both mean by the word "risk."

By signing up for this webcast you become part of the discussion and of the survey that will provide many of the answers presented jointly by SANS Institute and insurance-industry counterpart Advisen, Ltd. And by sponsor PivotPoint Risk Analytics. Get highlights of the survey from our panel of experts, who will also talk about the development of cybersecurity standards, legislation, and acceptable levels of risk and how to create sustainable digital and financial protection in a cyber environment that gets more threatening every day.