Breaking Down the Data: How Secure Are You and Your Supply Chain?

  • Wednesday, 15 Nov 2017 10:30AM EST (15 Nov 2017 15:30 UTC)
  • Speakers: G. Mark Hardy, Stephen Boyer, Jay Jacobs

An increasing number of data breaches begin with the compromise of a key vendor or business partner. This was evident with the spread of NotPetya ransomware this past June, which first emerged when the software update process of an accounting software provider in Ukraine was hijacked. This highlighted to the world the importance of updating systems within corporate networks to prevent susceptibility to breach.

With digital services being increasingly outsourced, reducing cyber risk posed from vendors and suppliers is more important than ever; it's critical that businesses develop and embrace a strong vendor risk management program.

Join BitSight CTO Stephen Boyer and Senior Data Scientist Jay Jacobs as they analyze BitSight's findings on the prevalence of outdated systems and their correlation to breach, as well as 'common security issues found within the supply chain of the Financial Services industry. In this webinar, viewers will learn about:

  1. The risk of running outdated systems on your own network or a third party network and their correlation to system compromise and data breach.
  2. The security performance of over 5,000 Legal, Technology, and Business Services companies monitored by nearly 200 Financial Services firms on the BitSight Security Rating platform.
  3. Best practices for managing third party cyber risk and analyzing weak links in your supply chain.