Are Cloud Service Provider Tools Enough to Secure Your Identities?

  • Tuesday, 20 Jul 2021 1:00PM EDT (20 Jul 2021 17:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: Lior Zatlavi, Sr. Cloud Security Architect, Ermetic

Identities and permissions are your cloud infrastructures greatest risk factor [Gartner]. Yet a recent survey found that 71% of organizations are using commercial cloud provider security tools [IDC]. Are native tools enough to successfully prevent excessive and risky entitlements?

In a word, no. While they offer some control over identities and access to resources, native tools fall short, with significant limitations in granularity, scope, and remediation. The stakes are high: just one over-privileged identity can severely jeopardize an organizations security. Ongoing analysis of all identities, configurations and activity logs is the only way to expose risk, let alone mitigate at scale.

Join this SANS - Ermetic workshop for an overview of CSP tools - and using an automated analysis platform to manage identities and permissions at multi-cloud scale. We will cover:

  • AWS and Azure tools for controlling identities and governing access
  • How to structure cloud resources and protect sensitive resources
  • Using least privilege policies
  • Automation and analytics in mitigating risks across clouds