How Allianz Insurance ensures compliance and audits activity with outsourced private cloud initiative

  • Thursday, 26 Feb 2015 1:00PM EST (26 Feb 2015 18:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: Dr. Michael Holder

Join Michael Holder, Head of Global Infrastructure and Directory Services at Allianz Insurance part of Managed Operations and Services Group, and learn how they monitor over 300 contractors who have access to critical health data infrastructure as they consolidate 140 global data centers into 5.

Michael will discuss how Allianz handles strict German regulation restrictions to protect health data while working with external partners and how they perform daily audits on users to investigate any out-of-scope activities, such as usage of unauthorized applications or RDP sessions to particular servers.

This webinar will show how to:

  • Meet strict regulation restrictions to protect data while working with external partners such as consultants, service providers, and/or contractors
  • Review and search remote vendor activity to ensure that vendors are staying within their assigned tasks, are meeting their obligations and posing no risk to the organization
  • Perform user activity audits of applications run, windows opened, system commands executed, check boxes clicked, text entered/edited, URLs visited and nearly every other on-screen event