A Hermit out of its Shell: The Surveillanceware Industry & Current Threats

  • Tuesday, 23 Aug 2022 1:00PM EDT (23 Aug 2022 17:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: Justin Albrecht, Threat Intelligence Researcher, Lookout

Electronic surveillance tools are not that different from any other type of weaponry. With sophisticated data collection capabilities, and the fact that we carry them all the time, mobile devices are the perfect target for surveillance. Last month,Lookout Threat Lab researchers uncovered enterprise-grade Android surveillanceware, dubed Hermit, used within the last few months by the government of Kazakhstan within its borders. The Lookout team found evidence that suggests this isn't the first time Hermit has been deployed either, dating back usage to 2019 in other countries. This session will explore the analysis of the Hermit malware, as well as the OSINT research that led to its attribution, and also provide insights into how this tool is being used with others.

Join us to learn about the private surveillance industry, its spread, and its potential for misuse and abuse, gain knowledge of identifying lawful intercept tooling for mobile devices and relevant analysis steps to determine such, and observe practical infrastructure analysis techniques and tools, as well as OSINT techniques and sources that can be used to augment threat investigations.