A Bright Future or the Perfect Storm? NetOps and SecOps unite to battle zero-day threats

  • Tuesday, 13 Sep 2022 10:30AM EDT (13 Sep 2022 14:30 UTC)
  • Speaker: Michael Bacon

There are many business challenges affecting Network Operations and Security teams. CIOs and CISOs alike are finding it more and more difficult to keep up with the sophistication and increasing frequency of modern-day and zero-day threats, while also building a highly collaborative and effective IT team. 

As businesses today focus more and more on security, there is a need to think outside the box in order to properly mitigate risks and drive network performance goals, while also improving company profitability by driving needed efficiencies and collaboration between the network operations and security teams. 

Organizations are struggling to manage the multitude of tools with siloed teams – consolidating data to tell the full story across the network remains a huge challenge, and most incidents today transcend the network into the cloud and are often caused by a security event. With all the separate tools, separate dashboards, and separate teams, hackers often use these separations to hide in plain sight, costing enterprises time, money, and reputation. 

Come explore converged network operations and security strategies.


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