5 Best Practices to Stop Malicious Code Submissions in Your Development Pipeline

Of the many types of software supply chain attacks, the most alarming is malicious source code modification that stays hidden as it progresses downstream in the development pipeline to create a backdoor for future malicious activities. Despite this common attack objective, the specific techniques bad actors use to access, submit, and/or modify source code varies widely, requiring Application Security and DevSecOps teams to address a wide range of different risk mitigation measures to protect their businesses.

Join industry veteran Liav Caspi (CTO at Legit Security) and Alex Babar (Software Supply Chain Security Advocate at Legit Security) as we share 5 best practices to stop software supply chain attackers from modifying your source code.

In this webinar you will learn the latest best practices to:

• Prevent malicious source code modification by external and internal threats

• Stop maliciously modified source code from causing further downstream damage in your development pipelines

• Protect popular source code management (SCM) systems like GitHub, GitLab and BitBucket