3-part series: PowerShell for Audit, Compliance and Security Automation and Visualization Part 2: Audit and Compliance Data Acquisition with PowerShell

  • Thursday, 14 Jan 2021 10:30AM EST (14 Jan 2021 15:30 UTC)
  • Speaker: Clay Risenhoover

Equipped with a knowledge of how to use PowerShell, the audit/compliance/security professional can start gathering measurements of systems and networks. In this session, we use PowerShell to extract data from Windows systems, Active Directory domains, VMWare infrastructure and even Linux systems. We will also explore how to extract data from APIs provided by our security tools. Demonstrations will be used to reinforce the concepts.


  • PowerShell commands to extract data from our systems and infrastructure
  • Helpful built-in and third-party modules for audit, compliance and information security
  • Useful external tools for gathering data
  • Acquiring data from APIs and other systems


Part 1: Introduction to Automation with PowerShell

Part 3: Beyond CSVs – Visualization Using PowerShell, Excel, and Grafana