2024 CISO Primer: Mid-Year Review of Top Cyber Trends to Tackle in 2024

  • Wednesday, 24 Jul 2024 11:00AM EST (24 Jul 2024 15:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: James Lyne, Jeff Pollard

Join Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, James Lyne, of the SANS Institute, and guest speaker, Forrester Research VP and Principal Analyst, Jeff Pollard, as they provide a mid-year review of four pivotal cybersecurity trends for CISOs: the dual impact of Generative AI, the increasing role of human error in security breaches, the critical adoption of Zero Trust architecture, and the challenges and strategies in cloud security. Jeff and James will emphasize the necessity for securing AI applications, enhancing cybersecurity awareness, implementing robust Zero Trust and cloud security practices, and addressing the complexities of cybersecurity with focused skill development.

These insights will guide CISOs in fortifying their organizations against evolving cyber threats through strategic planning and continuous adaptation in cybersecurity practices.

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