2022 SANS Survey: State of Cloud Security in the Enterprise

More and more enterprises have moved their infrastructure and operations to the cloud than ever before. Along with these changes, we have also seen a significant change in enterprise security posture and use of technology. However, what does that change look like? How have security teams kept up with the change? Just what is the state of cloud security in the enterprise?

In this survey, the State of Cloud Security in the Enterprise, we seek to answer this question and more. We want to understand, based on the changes that organizations have dealt with over the past few years, just what is the modern cloud security stack? In particular, we're going to look at:

• How do organizations manage their cloud security posture?

• Who is responsible for ownership, management, and oversight of cloud security?

• What types of telemetry do organizations use from their cloud platforms?

• Have security teams dealt with incidents in the cloud, and how have they responded to them?

Join us for a discussion of the survey results and learn insights into how your organization stacks up against our respondents. Register now to save your seat and learn more.